Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 29: My Quirky Sandal Obsession

I almost lost hope.

Spring arrived and departed. Summer was rolling along and I had purchased only two pairs of sandals.




They were nice and all, but they didn’t make my heart sing, ya know? Something was missing.

Each year, I anxiously await the first blade of green grass that symbolizes the arrival of spring and, more importantly, the arrival of sandal season. Remember how excited I was back in early March? Back then, I told you I was feeling a little nervous about this year’s sandal season, but I shrugged it off because it was still early. I expected things to start off slow – with limited selection – then pick up as the season hit full swing.

Yet, halfway into summer I was still couldn’t find at least one pair of sandals I adored. This was bizarre. Department stores, boutiques, Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW), premium outlets… You name it, I’d been there, in search of my IT SHOE – the princess of my sandal season.

Then one day it happened.

My husband and I had just finished eating dinner. We strolled inside the mall and into my favorite store, White House Black Market (WHBM). Earlier in the season, WHBM was the only store to have a sandal that made me blush with joy. It wasn’t in the budget at the time, but oh how I adored that shoe. She was the epitome of girliness, and I just hated leaving her behind when I first saw her.

The day we visited, the store’s summer sandals happened to be on sale. I lamented to the sweet WHBM consultant about my sandal woes and gave them kudos for being the one store that had a shoe I swooned over. Sadly, it seemed to now be gone. When I described the shoe, she knew exactly what I was talking about and scurried off to check the available sizes.

Lo, and behold.

Yeah baby!!! They had ONE in my size. It’s like she was just waiting for me. Waiting to strut in and rescue my sandal season.

There she was – a poppin’ pink patent leather sandal with a gold basket weave design wedge heel.

WHBMIt’s hard to really see the detail in the picture, but the basket weave look is made by layers of three different colors of thread – gold, silver and bronze. I love it! Of course, the pink bows with the gold accents truly won me over.

I’m usually a bit leery of a single strap across the toes. Ladies, you know those often look super cute but don’t play nice with our feet. However, this strap is about a centimeter and a half wide and super comfortable. The fact the strap crosses the toes at an angle seems to add to the comfort level. It adds an extra pinch of daintiness to the equation, as well. Bottom line, you can get quite a few comfortable hours in these babies. And you know comfort plus cute is like icing on an already delectable cake.

That day, my husband got quite a chuckle out of me and my “this made my day AND my summer,” over the top, giddy reaction to being able to take this shoe home with me. But I always tell him, I know what I want when I see it.

I think my pink princess opened the floodgates, because shortly thereafter my husband helped me find just the right ALL black wedge sandal – a shoe I’d been hunting for all summer. Who knew all black wedge sandals would be that hard to find, but they were. This one was worth the wait, though. Vince CamutoIsn’t she pretty? Sleek. Stylish. Leather. The gold hardware makes her feel fanciful and a bit upscale.

Big shout out to one of my favorite designers, these days, Mr. Vince Camuto, for this one. I did a little digging, and it appears Louise et Cie is his wife’s (Louise Camuto) shoe line. Good job Mrs. Camuto. You and your husband rock!

Each year, I get so excited when sandal season arrives; I would wear them year round if I could. I almost lost hope this year. I did. But WHBM and Vince Camuto came to my rescue and really saved my sandal season.

My love affair with sandals may seem a little quirky, comical or maybe even a bit strange. But it’s a part of what makes me uniquely, completely me.

What’s your quirky “sandal-obsession equivalent” – a fun passion you have that is part of what makes you who you are? Do you embrace it?