Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 7: Be Still

Week 7_Be StillIn the middle of the night I faintly heard the tap dance of freezing rain outside the window. The winter storm arrived on schedule, just as meteorologists and their fancy weather models predicted.

When daylight appeared I shuffled to a window at the front of the house. I wanted a better view of the icy package nature delivered in the middle of the night. Ice covered the pavement and the cars were now dressed in white. The scene outside confirmed this day would be spent indoors unless, of course, I got the urge to go ice skating. 🙂

Winter Storm Pax, as it was called, closed our office that day and the next day, as well. I worked from home for two and a half days.

Somehow, being stuck inside made me extra aware of the stillness of the outside world. News helicopters caught shots of empty interstates and roadways that are normally filled with bumper to bumper traffic. Businesses were closed. Schools were closed. Concerts were cancelled. No one moved. All was still.

After work hours, my husband and I made use of the time by cooking dinner and watching movies. He caught up on homework, while I caught up on some reading. I also reflected on the stillness that was thrust upon us and realized there are a few things we can do to make the most of our times of STILL. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Be still and listen – listen to our spouses, listen to our children, listen to our thoughts, listen to our hearts, listen to God. Married, unmarried, children or no children – trust me, if you be still and listen there is something for you to hear. Maybe there’s a problem you’ve been trying to solve or a decision you’ve been struggling to make. Sometimes it’s good to just be still, set aside the busy schedule and the countless distractions and just listen.
  2. Be still and observe – Watch what’s happening in the world around you. Watch the movements of your children. Look for a little piece of their personality you never noticed before. Take note of your own habits. Observe the manner in which your spouse does things. For example, I noticed that my husband is a very diligent worker. He works from home and is very consistent and diligent to perform his daily tasks to completion. His example was a blessing for me to see.
  3. Be still and connect – Several of my Facebook buddies posted about meals they made, games they played and movies they watched with their families during these days of snow and ice. Those were my very favorite posts to read. Quite possibly, these families were connecting in a way they often don’t have room (or make room) for in their most routine-filled days. Is that your story, as well?
  4. Be still and be still – Sometimes it’s nice to simply be still. I mean how often do you just lay down and watch television or take a nap? If you’re like me, not often. Even when I’m at home I’m always pressed to do something. Naps are out of the question out of fear of losing hours of productivity (which, half the time, end up being unproductive anyway). But what about opting to simply NOT be productive for a few hours. What about relaxing and escaping into that book you’ve been wanting to read forever, listening to some music or, for me, reading my bible?

It’s great to be active. I believe God created us to be active. I, also, believe He created us to need times of stillness and rest. I know, I know… Being still is just plain scary for some. Sometimes we simply aren’t interested in knowing what our heart, God or anyone else has to say. I get it. But I encourage us all to consider what we may be missing out on in the midst of all the busyness that’s become a part of our daily lives.

That’s all for today. See you next week for week 8 of 52 Weeks to Be Completely You.