Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mountain High, Valley Low: 2011 in Review

Part 3: Defining Moment

I attended a worship service on NYE. The subject of the pastor’s message was “Defining Moments”. His definition for a “defining moment” was as follows:

“an unexpected God arranged event that invades my life and brings me face to face with truth. The truth demands me to change.”

As I continue my review of what is now affectionately known as “last year”, I’ve come to my 2011 defining moment – the death of my father. Although daddy humbly lived with many health issues, the timing of his death could very well be classified as an “unexpected God arranged event…” Within only a couple of months prior to his death he’d celebrated his 73rd birthday, slipped by a cancer scare, and enjoyed the enhanced vision benefits of cataract surgery on one eye. He was excited about having surgery on his second eye, as well.

I had the blessed opportunity to ride in a motor vehicle (a big ol’ suburban, I might add) with daddy behind the wheel, PRE-cataracts surgery. It was father’s day weekend, and daddy wanted to go to South Carolina to buy peaches. I get so tickled when I think about how he slowed down seemingly a mile before an intersection, because depending on how the sun was shining he may or may NOT have been able to see the color of the traffic signal. LOL….OMG, and when he told me I’d have to help him read the street signs…. I was torn between falling on the floor laughing and not moving a muscle in fear!! Needless to say, I drove us back home.

All things considered, dad was doing pretty darn well. 🙂

“….an unexpected God arranged event that invades my life…”

Death of a loved one certainly does have a way of invading your life, bringing you face to face with a truth that demands you to change. At least that’s been my experience.

I can’t say I’ve been surprised by any truth about myself that’s floated to the surface since my daddy passed away. On rare occasions (when I’m strong enough to acknowledge it) I admit to myself I’m not sure where I’d be had this defining moment not occurred when it did. Now I can’t lie. I sat in church on NYE asking the Lord, “Couldn’t you have done it another way?” God’s sovereignty is most certainly the most challenging aspect of His character to grasp.

So, I’m doing my best in this season to grab hold of truth as it is uncovered and ask the Lord to help me change whatever needs to be changed. Right now my motivation, if nothing else, is simply to do so in loving memory of my dad.

Happy New Year daddy! I miss you bunches and love you even more!