Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the start of a brand spanking New Year. Are you excited about 2012? I hope you are.

At the end of 2010 I decided to do a few little neat things for myself to commemorate the dawning of a new year. To make things even more fun, I decided to make a bit of a tradition out of it and do some of those same things at the end of 2011. Check it out:

  1. Hair: Of course hair will always be on this list. I went to the same stylist I visited at the end of 2010. She’s turned out to be a keeper. Although EVERYONE ELSE seems to enjoy my new do, I must admit this time around I wasn’t too thrilled. I needed a major trim. You know how you need something but you may not be ready for it when you get it? Well that’s me, MOSTLY when it comes to my hair.
  2. Eyebrows/Manicure: I neglected the nails this time around, but took care of my eyebrows.  I actually endured my threading ritual BEFORE hitting up my scissor happy stylist, and boy am I glad I did! A little brow work helps, sometimes, when the hair is a little, shall I say, different from what I’m used to.
  3. Pajamas: NEW JAMMIES!!! Oh yes! The new jammies are most certainly my favorite repeat from my new New Years Eve tradition started in 2010. I plunked down my dollars for a pink and black set this year. I chose it because I’ve decided to make pink the main color for my BIG, milestone birthday year. Trust me. You’ll get to hear more about the birthday later. 😉
  4. Journal:  Last but not least is my new journal. I purchased two, actually. I found a super cute one with a butterfly hologram cover. Then, while visiting another store I ran across this one:

 The cover reads:


Envision Greatness.

Laugh out loud and often.

Seize every opportunity.

Don’t wait for tomorrow.

Think freely.

Be creative.

Today is the day.

Make your heart sing.

I highlighted (in pink, of course) a few of the words I like. Good stuff!

Finally, I rounded out 2011 by attending a New Years Eve worship service at the church home of a couple of my friends. The person who nudged me during service (because I was SOOOOO sleepy), held my hand during prayer at midnight, hugged me, kissed me and wished me a Happy New Year”……well he was indeed the most special blessing of 2011 and a pretty darn sweet addition to my new year’s eve tradition. 🙂 I humbly pray the Lord will continue to lead us both.

Again, happy new year everyone! I’ll continue this week with Mountain High, Valley Low: 2011 in Review. In the meantime:

Do you have any special NYE/NYD traditions you look forward to at the close of each year? How did you ring in 2012?