Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tell Me Your Love Story, Part II – For the Love of NO POOP

TuxOk, so I am currently living with one of my sisters and her hubby.  (Thanks Marcie and Ezra!)  It’s really cool!  I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve really enjoyed having some someone else in a home besides just me.  I’ve had some sort of roommate for the past couple of years – my friend Wave in Atlanta and now my family.  It’s great to get adjusted to not living alone, stressing about all of the decisions of the household yourself, etc.  Especially since I’d been living alone for as long as I can remember.  But I digress….

Anyway, my sis and her husband have a dog, a boston terrier named Tux (because his coloring makes him look like he’s wearing a black tuxedo w/ a white bow tie! LOL!).  Tux is a very special little man, and I use the word “man”, because we all agree that he’s really a human being trapped in a dog’s body.  If you saw the way he often pouts with his lower lip poked out or some of his cut throat facial expressions when you tell him something he “disagrees with”, you’d concur.  It’s hilarious!

I love Tux!  I really do!  He’s really so cute and just so doggone (no pun intended) human-like; it’s amazing!  So, on rare occasion, when Marcia and Ezra haven’t made it home yet (really rare occasion), I have had to take Tux out to go potty.  Now anyone who knows me has quite possibly heard me make the statement that I am too cute to pick up doggy POOP!  LOL!  I mean really!  Just something about it…  LOVE dogs!  HATE doggy POOP!  LOL!  It’s like, I don’t pick up my own poop; why would I want to pick up an animal’s poop???  (Ok, bring it back, Monica; you’re wandering away from the station. 🙂 )  As you can see even the mere thought steers me onto a different path.  So back to me and taking the little pooch for a potty break.  I remember the first time I had to take Tux out to potty.  Marcie said, he might have to “boo”.  “Ok, no problem,” I thought.  “I can do this!  I can pick up poop.  It’s just once.  I’ll be ok.”  So we get outside, he walks around a little bit, watering every tree and bush he can find, but no poop.  So we walk some more, and some more, and a little more.  Then he begins “acting a monkey” (as Marcie says; what is that really, sis? LOL).  With this I sensed he was done and it was time to go back inside.

I was SO EXCITED, people!!!  I can’t remember if I called or sent a text to my sis, but I had to brag that I did not have to pick up any poop!  I said, “God loves me, because He knows His daughter does not like to pick up poop and He didn’t make her do it.”  It was truly just a little joke at the time.  Yet at the same time, oddly enough, I really did sense a display of God’s love toward me in the midst of this tiny little, silly little idiosyncrasy that I have.  And do you know that, so far, each time I’ve walked Tux he’s NEVER POOPED on my watch!!! EVER!!!  I’m not kidding!  Not once.  Now quite possibly one day he will, and like the good “auntie” and even better sister 🙂 that I am, I’ll pick up the poop (kicking, screaming, and squirming I’m sure).  But no one will ever tell me that’s not a love story from the heavens written just for me.

I”m still waiting for your love stories.  I have received a few and a few promises for more.  Please send this post around to your girlfriends so they have another idea of the rainbow of ways we can look for and EXPECT to see God’s love displayed toward us.  Just click on the “leave a comment” link directly below this post.  This design template makes the link a bit small, so you may have overlooked it before.  The goal is to collect 52 love stories.  Can’t wait to read yours!