Sunday, June 9, 2013


My last post was just over a month ago. Time flies. I had no idea it’d been that long. Week after week I’ve longed to get to this place. I’ve thought about you a great deal and wanted to share with you some of the exciting things going on in my world. But life… It happens.

Lately, my place of employment has been the source of an extreme amount of stress, eating away chunks of my personal time. The staff has decreased while the workload has increased, and it’s taking its toll. I’m quite thankful for my employment. I’m thankful that this go around it’s a position involving words on a daily basis and not numbers, which was mostly my track record up until recent years. However, it doesn’t change the fact that my hours are getting longer, more grueling, and I’m getting more and more exhausted.

This place here is one of my favorite outlets. Writing is one of my favorite outlets. Reading the bible is one of my favorite outlets. Some nights I’m so tightly wound until I pull up a book in my bible app and let it read to me as I drift off to sleep.

So enough of my rambling. The moral of the story: Sometimes life is challenging. Sometimes there are monsters of struggle that try to bulldoze their way right into the middle of all of the beautiful wonderful things going on in your life. To get through it you certainly have to know how to concentrate as hard as you can on the good stuff, even though the challenging is steadily clawing for your attention. I’m thankful for the things and people that help me through seasons such as these – my husband, my family and friends, God’s perfect word. Sometimes, when I feel like I’m teeter tottering on the edge of my tight rope I just clutch my bible to my chest, take a deep breath, and then exhale. Sometimes, that’s truly all it takes to press forward through the muck another day. After all stressful times, they come and go. Seasons do eventually change. Summer is on the way. Are you ready?

I just wanted to say hello and let you know what’s been going on in my world. What’s going on in yours?
What do you do to press through the challenging seasons of life?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just Because

I’m lying on my bed, listening to the rain and reflecting on my day.  Well, I won’t be doing that by the time you read this, but that’s what I’m doing at this moment.  🙂

How are you?  I mean really….  How are you?  I feel that when you read that, at least one of you had something specific enter your mind.  If you’re up to it, I’d love for you to share.  Leave me a comment.  If you’re reading this through your email, click on the title to this post.  It will take you over to my blog home.  Then, just beneath the date (located to the left of the post title) is a link for comments.  Click on it and type away.  (If you’re reading this directly from the site, then you’re already halfway there.)  If you have a prayer request, leave me that, too, ok?  Ok!  🙂

I entered this day in excruciating pain and found myself post up outside an urgent care center before the sun took its place in the sky.  Yes, as soon as they unlocked the doors and flipped the “closed” sign to “open”, I was at the counter, signing in!  LOL… Your sister was in pain!!

On the drive over to the center, my thoughts drifted (as they often seem to do on these occasions) to “why”.  You know the routine.  Something bad or challenging is happening in your life, and the first thing you do is, what I like to call, reach for the “Why cry”.  Why is this happening to me?  Why is this happening to me NOW?  Girlfriends, I reached for the “why cry” this morning! LOL..  In mid-whine, I heard calmly, sweetly, and matter-of-factly in my ear, “Because”.



Now that’s an interesting concept, isn’t it?  Maybe the Lord allowed my pain, my unwelcome deviation to my schedule, and my unwanted deviation to my BUDGET all just because.

So, thanks to the lesson I learned from the crazy Saturday I told you about last week (if you missed it, you can click here to check it out), I knew just how to re-group, even in the midst of my pain.  I began to think on these things:

1.  Thanks to a back sprain over the summer, a visit to an urgent care center in a totally different state, and a trip to the hair salon a couple of weeks ago, I knew just where to go, this morning, to find an urgent care center in my neighborhood.  Trust me, these components are truly all related, and they made my morning SO much easier than it otherwise may have been.

2.  Knowing exactly where to go this morning (in the midst of great pain, remember) reminded me, again, that God has planned ALL of my days.  He’s not surprised by anything that comes my way.  IF I pay attention, I will be able to follow in the footsteps He’s already ordered for me – whether it’s a good day or a challenging one.  I get so full just thinking about this beautiful truth.

3.  Although I wasn’t expecting to spend a few hundred bucks on a shoulder sprain this week (or any other week, for that matter AND what’s up with all of the muscle sprains, anyway!!! LOL…), I had the money.  PRAISE THE LORD, I had the money!  That’s not the story for some, and it wasn’t the story for me a short while ago.  However, even during that season, the Lord always provided.  The Lord WILL ALWAYS provide!  It’s His word and His part of His essence.

Today, these three tiny things translated into three tiny words from my heavenly Father to me.

“I Love You!”

My sweet sisters, let me tell you this.  Hearing “I love you” made hearing “because” just a little bit more bearable.  So the next time you hear “because”, stop, look and listen closely.  “I love you” will be right there in the mix, and I promise it will get you through the day and even through the pain. 🙂

Wise, Virtuous, Valuable,