Friday, July 3, 2015

What (or who) is it all for?

This blog has undergone many transformations, wouldn’t ya say?

Three domain names.

Two facelifts

And if the good Lord wills (“and the creek don’t rise,” as the old folks used to say), I’m just getting started.

Oh yeah, another shift is on the horizon. I’ve felt it for some time now. I even have the image of the next transformation in my mind. I just haven’t had the time (or made the time) to make the vision a reality. Of course there’s always a distraction ready and willing to get in the way, right?

The fact is, this little space of mine – from the writing to the decor – grows, develops and evolves just as I do.

So in the spirit of growth, change and transition, today, I ponder the question, “Do you write only for yourself, or do you use your blog to try to connect to other people.” Hmmm….

Well, when I launched my blog just over six years ago, my dream was to build an online community where women would come together and truly connect over things as simple as sandal fetishes and nights on the town to things as major as friendship, love and marriage, dreams that change the world and faith that moves mountains. I wanted to connect with women from all over the country, all over the world even.

As I type these words, I realize the dream I had six years ago is still there. It’s probably waiting for me to get a bit more serious about it, but it’s still alive and kicking for sure. And that’s a good thing. Needless to say I’ve been off track lately. But it’s always good to reach back occasionally and remember why you started a thing in the first place. It could help you to either recalibrate or, in some cases, maybe to flat out renounce the thing and just start something new.

No renouncing here, though…