Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The art of journaling

Today’s NABLOPOMO question is: Do you think social media connects people together? Why or why not?

While I do think social media connects people, I think most of the “connection” is superficial. I guess that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

In other news… Remember the workshop I mentioned when I shared how I’ve been learning to put first things first? Well, today was the big day. This afternoon, after a grueling few weeks of nervousness, I was so excited to host a journaling workshop for a small group of teen girls at a north Georgia girl’s shelter.

It never fails. I get the jitters each time I take on something like this. My nerves consume me until the moment I walk in the room. Then all is well. It’s sort of a crazy emotional roller coaster that probably makes my husband nauseous, but he’s a great coach.

The girls, who’ll be sophomores and juniors in high school this year, were darling. They were so excited to receive brand new journals, and that blessed me beyond measure. I specifically selected journals with words of encouragement on the cover like “do what you love,” “strive for progress not perfection,” “creativity takes courage,” and “life is better when you dance.”

These events seems so small, but I sure hope they make a big difference in the lives of the women and young ladies I touch. They certainly make a big difference in my world. Hopefully, before the year ends I’ll get to host a tea party for them, too. The girls want a pajama tea party where everyone wears onesies and we all get to paint. Sort of like one of those paint by numbers events minus the wine. I think it’s a fun idea. I’ll let you know if we’re able to pull it off later this year.

Until next time…