Monday, July 6, 2015

Making the connection

Which post have people connected with the most on your blog?

Good question…

And the answer is, “I have no idea.” I know, “Bad blogger,” right? The truth is I’ve been all over the place the past six years with posts, topics and  even consistency. Unfortunately, that kinda undermines my ability to see a pattern. So, to try to find an answer to this question:

First, I tried to mine clues from my statistics but couldn’t make heads nor tails of them.

Next, I revisited old post comments, but to go back six years was quite cumbersome.

Suffice it to say, my efforts didn’t produce much. There’s probably an easy button in this treasure hunt somewhere, but I haven’t found it out yet. Maybe it’s something I’d learn if I could attend a conference like BlogHer. But alas, I’m in the throws of a career transition and must watch my spending.

So here’s what I’ve deduced over the years:

Authentic posts connect best.



three posts, for example.

All three were written on the topic of authenticity. The third one (Authentic Fear – 2 Enemies of Personal Authenticity) seemed to strike the loudest chord. A few other posts that seemed to connect were:

Love is in the air – I think this was the first time I’d posted about my then boyfriend/now husband. My guess is the title peaked the interest and, of course, the picture tipped the scales. See for yourself. We’re cute.

Functional vs. Pretty – This was a fun, candid two-parter I wrote four short months into newlywed bliss. Click here and here to see what you think.

So pick one or all five. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Am I making the connection?