Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Interesting group vs. an intriguing plus one

Which do you prefer: dinner out with a big group of interesting people or dinner out one-on-one with a friend?

I absolutely LOVE birthdays, and I love to make a really big deal out of mine. Each year, I used to pick a restaurant I’d never been to, send an email to my closest friends and invite them to join me for a birthday dinner. We’d share cocktails, conversations and lots of laughs. Then at the end of the evening, we’d commemorate the occasion with a group photo. It was lots of fun.

My friends all knew each other, but in most cases I was the common denominator. So although I looked forward to the birthday gathering each year, you can imagine what kind of energy drain those two or three hours were for an introverted girl like me.

For me, dinner on the town is all about:

  • the company
  • the atmosphere
  • the food

Believe it or not, I rank them in that order, which means the company is the most important component to me. I could fill “the company” blank with a group or one-on-ones and either option just the same. But the occasion to dedicate my undivided attention to the company of one is my great pleasure. Most of the time, that’s more than enough for me.