Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I failed to beat the buzzer on my post for day seven. As I type, it’s moving on toward one a.m., but I still want to share a post for yesterday’s prompt.

Tell us about a post that didn’t connect with readers (but you wish it had).

When I think of a post or posts that didn’t connect with readers, Domestic Violence Makes National Headlines and More than hurt feelings are two that immediately come to mind. Neither appeared to connect as well as I wish they had. It was a little disheartening because the subject matter was/is so important.

Millions of men and women each year experience some level of domestic partner abuse or violence. You may know someone who has or you may have been a victim yourself, at some point. Many years ago I was in an unhealthy relationship and experienced years of escalating emotional and verbal abuse. So, needless to say, the subject matter hits home a bit. I really wanted to connect with women on that issue.

I guess it’s never too late to do so. Check out the posts and feel free to share your comments.