Friday, July 17, 2015

Are you nervous in social situations?

Are you nervous in social situations or do you look forward to them, finding it easy to connect with new people?

Social situations can make me a little nervous. Introvert, remember? Sometimes, it depends on what the mix of the crowd will be? Will there be mostly people I know or strangers I must get to know? Either way, for the love of humanity and a quest for personal development, I dive into those settings every chance I get.

It’s true, when you continue to do something that challenges you, you strengthen a muscle of sorts and reap the rewards. Kinda like exercise. Socializing is definitely one of those good-for-you kinda things that you can only reap the rewards by actually doing it.

In social, or even professional, settings the reward happens to be the opportunity to fellowship with other people. I used to think I was supposed to connect with everyone in social settings. That thought alone can be overwhelming. Eventually, I realized that’s just not possible. Whereas I may not connect with everyone, I will connect with some.

So, although I may nurse butterflies at first, I look forward to the people with whom I’ll easily connect and let that carry me through any preliminary jitters that may exist.

Are you nervous in social situations or do you look forward to them?