Monday, June 8, 2015

Is there room in your circle?

If you’re geeky that way and keep track of the “National Day Calendar,” then you know today is National Best Friends Day. Apparently, it’s also National Upsy Daisy Day and National Name Your Poison Day. If you’re curious about those two “days” (as I certainly was), click here for more information.

Otherwise, back to best friends…

I don’t really have one BFF, but I do have a husband, a mom, three sisters and a network of friends I think the world of. So first, I’d like to wish a happy Best Friends Day to each of them. Good friends are valuable and forever friends, well, they’re just priceless.

They’re also pretty hard to come by these days. New ones, that is. Periodically, I lament over how the friendship train seems to slow to a crawl after you pass a certain age. I know. I know. The commitment to get to know someone new is an art and a sacrifice. It’s quite an undertaking. And as life gets more settled, spouses, children, routines, activities and just plain old complacency (a.k.a. set in your ways) can all get in the way of establishing new friendships. Sometimes it’s just a sacrifice many aren’t inclined to make.

Although they could be likened to needles in haystacks, I stay open to new friendships, maybe even a BFF one day. I guess I realize there’s always someone out there who can bring something to your world that you need specifically for the season of life you’re in. It could be a fresh perspective on the life you live or a fresh push onto the path of the dreams you long to achieve.

For instance, there may be a writer woman out there who, like me, longs for someone else to “talk shop” with about book publishing, blogging and other writer geek things. Or a woman whose heart is to encourage women across the world, through speaking and writing, to become all God created them to be, just as I do… We’ll never connect if we don’t keep our circle always open, with room for one more.

And that’s what I encourage you to do today. First, I know you have your BFF, so please, make sure you shout him or her out today and wish them a happy National Best Friends Day. Then, in honor of the beauty of friendship in general, just ask yourself this question:

Is there room in my circle?