Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 23: Get back up again (Be Healthy revisited)

“For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again…” – Proverbs 24:16a, NASB

Lately, I’ve felt overwhelmed by my fall from the health wagon I’d been faithfully riding for some years. Sometimes, life changes have a way of knocking you off course a little. At least that’s what I feel happened to me. Within the past three years I’ve lost a parent, married my sweetheart and had my entire work department eliminated – the good, the bad and the ugly, just not in that order.

I don’t know about you, but my eating and exercise habits take a plunge when I’m stressed and even sometimes when I’m happy. The deliciousness of kale begins to wane, but a good ol’ snicker bar always, always, always satisfies me. The result of these various life changes and my abandoned healthy habits over the past three or four years is an extra 20 pounds for me to walk around with.

A few weeks ago while studying a passage of scripture in the bible, I felt like a big heavenly finger was pointing out my need to get back on track. Just the thought of doing so felt like attempting to move Mount Everest to my backyard. However, the message was clear. It was time for me to get back up again and return to my healthier habits of days gone by.

This wasn’t the first time I’d fallen off the wagon with regards to living a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle changes are important, but there’s certainly no easy button for success. It takes work to undo all that you learned to do and used to do for many, many years and begin to do something new and better. 🙂

Hard, but not impossible…

Feeling excited and determined, I quietly evaluated my position to figure out my next steps. For me, it was clear. Only two things stood in the way of a healthier, back-to-where-I-was-four-years-ago, me – exercise and SUGAR. No, not just food – SUGAR! What a sweet girl, she is, but she’s evil I tell you. If you’re a sugar baby (and trust me, you know who you are, because your heart skipped a beat just reading the word), you’ll definitely want to join me for the next few posts as I share more on facing this giant and my journey to becoming a healthier me.

In the meantime, I challenge you to take a moment to evaluate your current position – not just regarding your health but in any area of your life. Where have you fallen off the wagon? Where do you need to get back up again? The task before you may seem hard or even impossible, but it’s not. And I’m right there with you. We’ll get back up again and face our giants together.