Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 22: Embrace your personality

I love being around people complete with all our wonderful uniqueness and funky idiosyncrasies, but oh how I relish some alone time.

A couple of weekends ago, I enjoyed some alone time that was dang near magical. The mister took a trip to our hometown while I remained here in the city to honor a previously scheduled commitment.

Now, of course I absolutely adore being around my husband. (Hi honey! Muah! 🙂 ) He would probably tell you I follow him around the house like a little puppy, but I will neither confirm nor deny that accusation. Anyway, over the years I’ve learned and come to accept that my personality type requires a little more me time than some.

You see I’m an introvert.

And as such, alone time here and there is absolutely critical to my social capacity, cognitive well-being and overall productivity.

I used to be strongly opposed to being labeled an introvert. The word sounds so introspective and lonely, doesn’t it? On top of that, society led me to believe being labeled an introvert was something to be ashamed of. The scales of popularity in our society often tip in favor of the extroverted personality – the life of any given party. But did you know that some of our most dynamic and revered leaders in technology, politics, theater and music are (including my favorite, Michael Jackson, a.k.a. the King of Pop) introverts?

The more I learned that the more I realized, we introverts can indeed rock the world. We just don’t need the world to rock us.

To the contrary, extended periods of being “on” and heavy interaction with people tend to drain my battery and just make me tired. I can do it and even love it for a while, but later I’ll surely need a few hours alone to recharge.

Over the years, I’ve come to own and to appreciate this way that I’m crafted. My personality type is a gift just like any other. And when well managed, properly positioned and adequately fueled I am an amazing asset to relationships, employers or organizations – just like my extroverted counterparts.

I guess I’m a bit like one of those little electric cars – just plug me in and leave me be. A short while later I’ll be recharged and ready to roll again.

So what about you? What’s your personality type? Are you outgoing or introspective, introverted or extroverted? Do you appreciate the gift of your own unique personality?