Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week 5: Be Honest

Week 5_Be HonestThis post is two days late. Despite the facts that I’m using my calendar, making my lists, prioritizing my tasks and my social media hours are at an all time low, I still find myself struggling a bit with productivity. It feels like the art of getting ahead of and staying ahead of the curve is playing a not so attractive game of cat and mouse. Although I do get things done each day, it never seems to be enough of the things I feel I need to get done – like catching up on the week’s bible study lessons, finishing the two books I’m reading or writing my weekly blog post.

This past weekend was booked solid with household chores, a visit from family members and a looming Monday work deadline. Next thing I know I blinked and the weekend went up in smoke.

I’ll be honest. I knew when I started 52 Weeks to Be Completely You that this would be more than a year of growing as a woman. It would also be a year of stretching as a writer. With all of the responsibilities that crowd into a normal day (not to mention the pesky need for sleep), it’s often hard to pinch away a smidgen of time to do one of the things I enjoy most and that’s hanging with you here in our little community.

So amidst the weekend’s activities, in the back of my mind I was wondering, “What should I write about this week?” As I reviewed my list of potential “Be…” topics, they all seemed to raise their hands at once, only adding to my confusion. In no time, I found myself struggling to decide what to write about, running behind schedule and afraid to confess either shortcoming. Then one day I heard a little voice say, “Monica, just be honest.”

The topic for this week was hidden (or maybe not so much) in that little whisper.

Be honest.

We often underestimate the value of honesty, yet it’s a critical part of every strong relationship. Just as the presence of honesty strengthens individuals and relationships, the absence of it can easily destroy them both. In the past, I’ve even been guilty of fearing what may lie on the other side of my honesty. However, experience has taught me that with honesty you win, no matter what. It is important to be honest with yourself and with others in all situations.

Honestly, this is challenging. I won’t use the word hard, but posting consistently once a week is challenging. Finding the time in a constantly fluctuating schedule to sit still, be quiet and write is challenging. I’m sure it will get easier. Maybe somewhere around week 30 I’ll be in a groove. Practice makes perfect, right? But today, not so much. Try as I might with all the effort and good intentions in the world, sometimes time escapes me and I’m behind the proverbial 8-ball once again.  

So there you have it. My fretting over a blog post served up a good reminder of the importance of honesty. And better late than never, right?

Are there any areas in your life that can use a little bit more honesty? Have you ever feared what may come out of your being honest with someone?