Thursday, January 16, 2014

BE #500

Be #500I just noticed that this site is only two comments away from a whopping 500 comments. Who knew?! Now grant it, presumably about half of those comments belong to me, since I try to chat back whenever you take time to share your thoughts here, but still. This is a really big deal to me, and it made me smile when I saw it.

I don’t know about you, but I always appreciate a reason to celebrate and 500 comments certainly seems like reason enough. So since most celebrations include a gift of some sort, I have a little something something in mind for my 500th commenter. Now, I know this goes without saying, but I don’t want you commenting just to get the gift. But, I encourage you to peruse the site. Check out the Categories section to the right of the site and click on something interesting. I did so myself and found some things I’d forgotten about.

  1. I found some good nuggets in the Fear section as I reminisced on The Morning I Went For a Walk .
  2. I reclaimed my Four Keys to Going for the Gold when I peeked under the Goals and Dreams section.
  3. I still have a private giggle almost always when I look at my girlie zebra print chairs and think back to my Functional Versus Pretty, Part 2 post under the Marriage section. And yes, my babies are still holding on. 😉
  4. I amazed myself that I made it through the A to Z Blog Challenge a few years ago. Wow… and there’s some pretty good stuff under there, too.  The post for the letter A is my personal favorite.

So take a tour. Look around. Find something interesting. And if you have something interesting to say back, leave a comment. You just might be commenter #500 and win something cool. And no, my comment back to you will not be included in the count.

See you next week as we continue with our journey of 52 Weeks to Be Completely You. Hope you’re being healthy this week and always.

Becoming beautifully,