Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Garden: Stepping Out

Ideas rolled around in my head like a sack of colored marbles spilled on a hardwood floor – there were a whole lot of them and they were moving fast. One of my girlfriends gently urged me to set a date (urged more than gentle). Setting a date meant commitment. Although, I knew I wanted to host the tea, the administrator’s delighted “yes” threw me into “Lord, what in the world did I just do” mode. I set the date, informed the administrator, but stayed in that mode for quite a few weeks.

One night, after sweating  buckets over my keyboard, a dam broke spewing the words to the donation letters. I tell you, composing those letters may have been the hardest part of this whole process. I wrote a letter for friends and family and a letter for area merchants. I solicited friends and family support by requesting a $20 donation that would be used to create what I coined as “Love Baskets” for each of the ladies at The Garden. The Love Baskets are filled with toiletries and a few non-essential, girly items like perfume samples (donated by a coworker) and MaryKay’s famous Peach Satin Hands® lotion (donated by a MaryKay rep and former school mate).

When I took the one small step of writing the letters and then the giant leap of actually sending them, it was as if I’d stepped into the Red Sea and watched the water form walls on either side. God did that, and He was definitely in charge of what was to come next.

To be continued…