Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Time to Serve

Last week, I visited homeless shelter for women and children. One of my coworkers told me about the shelter and the ministry that runs it. After hearing so many wonderful things I had to go witness the work they’re doing with my own eyes. I was so blessed by my time there. Blessed and humbled.

Today, I’m just dropping by in honor of National Volunteer WeekApril 21st through April 27th For so long I failed to serve in my community because the need alone overwhelmed me. There are so many organizations out there, so many in need until sometimes it’s challenging to find a place to start. I’m sure the same is true in your community. This year, however, I’ve prayed for an organization to pour into. I believe the Lord will honor my prayer.

If you’re already serving in your community, way to go! I know those you are touching appreciate you, and I appreciate your example. If you’re not, maybe this week –  National Volunteer Week – will be a good time for you to explore opportunities to serve in your community. You can learn more about National Volunteer Week by clicking here.

What is your favorite charity/organization to serve or donate to?