Monday, April 22, 2013

Functional Versus Pretty, Pt. 2

Recently, my dear, sweet husband has taken a liking to one of my chairs. Oh this isn’t just any chair. It’s one twin in a set of zebra print chairs. Nearly three years ago (PRE-marriage), I searched high and low for these chairs. I knew what I wanted and scraped the barrel until I found them. Oh I remember the day I brought my twin babies home. Like a proud mama, I sat in the living room and just admired their beauty – the curved back, lady-like arms and funky zebra personality. They are girly, and you know I love girly!


Well, it seems the Mr. has tired of sitting on the sofa all the time. Apparently his buttocks needed a change of scenery as he watched television, so he’s been taking up residence in a chair. One evening, he informed me of the need to tighten one of the legs on one of my beloved chairs.

Insert HUGE GASP here.

O.M.G. Girls, I was HOT! “My baby,” I thought.

I whined that my poor, delicate, girly chairs were NOT crafted to support his handsome, towering, SOLID stature on a regular basis. They just weren’t. To be honest I never envisioned anyone sitting in them on a regular basis. Seating for an occasional guest, sure, but certainly nothing more than that… To me they were part of the décor and wonderful to simply look at and admire.

That night, I went to bed pouting, but only after emailing him the draft of my last post – Functional Versus Pretty. 🙂 You see he has read each post I’ve written since I wrote and posted this one on January 6, 2011 – the day after we initially began communicating with each other. (I promise to share that story in a later post.) Suffice it to say, I appreciate his feedback and, of course, I want his eyes to be the first to read anything I share publicly about him or us.

The following morning I checked my email to find a message from my husband that simply stated:

“Nice… The chairs are pretty! LOL”

As I read the words, I couldn’t help but giggle to myself.

Duly noted, Mr. Nixon…

I realize this is POST-marriage, and it’s not just me anymore. I told him about how I looked high and low for those chairs and they/WE just weren’t expecting him. His response: “but you PRAYED for a husband.”

So true, so true… 🙂

So sometime soon we’ll be on the hunt for new chairs that satisfy his functional need as well as provide my eyes with at least a little bit of pretty, for pretty’s sake. In the meantime, he’ll continue to take good care of them by tightening a leg or two when necessary, and I’ve already started envisioning a new home in another room for my PRETTY  chairs.

So my married friends out there, this question is for you. Can you name ONE thing in your home that you really love yet you KNOW its level of functionality falls desperately short of your manly husband’s standards? See you in the comments.