Friday, December 30, 2011

Mountain High, Valley Low: 2011 in Review

Part 1: In the Beginning

In the beginning there were sniffles.

A mere five days into 2011 I lay in my bed….SICK! I’d been sucker punched by the common cold, and I was down for the count. For the first week of the year I stayed buried beneath layers of comforters and blankets, making frail appearances for things like meds, potty breaks and the notification ping of my Android smart phone.

Ahhh, that little ping was music to my ears, alerting me to new messages from a certain someone who was rapidly becoming someone special. Although I was ringing in 2011 with a fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, not-a-thing- an-over-the-counter-medication-can-do-for-me, RELENTLESS cold, a little something to lift my sick spirits and nurse me back to health was percolating at the surface of the New Year.

My budding relationship has been a far bigger blessing than I could ever have imagined. Hands down it’s been the highlight of the year – faithfully serving up lots of laughs, creating new memories, and comforting me with just-in-time support, encouragement and a broad shoulder to cry on through the unexpected low of this year.

May I just say that God’s timing is absolutely perfect?

So this is where my 2011 began.

Like many people, the end of each year ushers in a time of reflection for me. As the clock ticks toward 2012, I’ve decided to take my reflection time on the road and chronicle this year’s pivotal points that left a forever-sized imprint on my life right here on this blog. I hope you’ll join me for more of Mountain High, Valley Low: 2011 in Review.