Saturday, April 2, 2011

Birthdays and Giveaways

“This is the day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24, NASB

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday dear Monica!

Happy Birthday to me!!

Ummm, do I hear someone continuing with the “how old are you” verse?  Sorry, but that’s not allowed!  LOL….  Believe me, I stopped where I did for good reason. 🙂

Today is my birthday.

Birthday begins with a B.

So chances are good

most of this post will be about me.

LOL… So corny… Ok, let me stop, because I am really tickling myself here.  I absolutely love celebrating my birthday, and I enjoy encouraging others to celebrate their birthdays, as well.  If the Lord allows us to see another one, the least we can do is thank Him with a grand celebration of life, right?!

I even have a reputation for adding a few extra hours to the 24 hour celebration.  Ok, so I’ve been known to add a FEW EXTRA TWENTY-FOUR hours.  Hey, hey, HEY now, don’t judge me because I enjoy a good birthday fiesta! 🙂

Since B is the letter of the day, and today just happens to be my birthday, I decided to share 7 tips for ways to make your birthday super special.  These are just some things I do (or have done), but hopefully they will get your birthday wheels turning with ideas for your special day.  Ok, here goes:

“Praise the LORD! Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; For His lovingkindness is everlasting.” – Psalm 106:1 NASB

1.      Give thanks to God!  The moment my eyes pop open, beyond midnight, I whisper a “thank you” to the Lord for allowing me to enjoy a new day with Him.  So, I begin my birthday by giving thanks!

2.      Buy yourself a birthday cake!  If you’re trying to stay away from sugar, trust me; I get it (the pic of me with the cake is from last year)!  Substitute the cake for a healthier option. This year, I’ll be substituting the cake for some cool, sugar free fro yo from my favorite neighborhood frozen yogurt spot.

3.      Spend time with loved ones!  I usually extend this part of my birthday celebration throughout the month.  Birthdays are a great excuse to connect with family and friends you may not get to see as often as you’d like.

4.      Eat a special meal!  Whether you cook, someone cooks for you, or you go out to eat, there’s nothing like enjoying a great meal that just sings “Today is my birthday!”

5.      Take the day off!  I NEVER (Notice the bold caps.  LOL…This is serious sisters!) work on my birthday.  This year, my special day is on a Saturday but, believe me, I am taking a week day off, as well.

6.      Treat yourself to something nice.  My “something nice” has been as simple as buying a CD of one of my favorite recording artists and as not-so-simple as getting a full makeover and photo session or taking a trip across the country!

7.      Bask in the glory of the God who loves you dearly and has great plans for.  Can you handle that?  Sure you can!


I am hosting a birthday giveaway in honor of my birthday.  Leave a comment on my blog sharing your favorite birthday memory.  Don’t be selfish.  Forward this post or a link to it to your girlfriends, sisters, aunts, moms, cousins, etc, so they can join in the fun.  The comment that makes me laugh the hardest or makes me empty my box of Kleenex will win a $15 gift card to one of my favorite places on earth – TARGET!!  Yes, ladies.  A girl just can’t get enough of her local Target store, so I thought for my birthday I would share one of my favorite things with my favorite ladies!

The winner will be announced on Thursday April 7th.  The letter for that day is G Giveaway begins with G, so you guess what that day’s post will be all about.  See you Thursday for the giveaway!  See you tomorrow for the letter C.  Oh Lord, please help me get through this blog challenge.  Challenge….hmmm, that’s a C word.  Lol…  Ok, off to finish my B-day (get it “B” day, birthday, ok anyway…) celebration.  Until tomorrow….

The birthday girl,